THW introduce vigilante justice

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THW introduce vigilante justice

Post by Satyam on Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:02 am

House           -House of vigilantes
Status Quo   -  Syria

The concept of vigilante justice first captured the imagination of the world in 1938 with the birth of Superman.

1938 can be described as the period of darkness just before the dawn. The world recovered from The Great Depression, only to find itself in World War 2. The burden of not repeating the mistakes of their predecessor was on the new generation.

When you are born in darkness, it's difficult to even comprehend the concept of light.

When you are born into a world at war and suffering, it's difficult to strive for a better world without any beacon of hope.

And then, there he was. A man with superpowers, fighting for truth and justice, saving and helping people and in its own subtle way asking us to do the same for each other. Humans, after all, need each other to survive and exist.

Superman became a symbol of hope.

He became a guiding light for the generation ravaged with war and hardship, a generation that could now look up to him as an inspiration to fight on. He is an alien, but yet his name is Superman, the name to signify the need of humanity to rise above despair, to go above and beyond average, become better, become SUPER.

Heroes inspire us.

The situation in Syria isn't much different from the world in 1938, when governments fought each other. The government in Syria has lost its credibility as an institute that can provide justice to people. People have lost their faith in government and the war is forcing them out of their homeland. There are people dying, people fleeing their homeland just to have a future, they are not even aspiring for a better future, all they want is a future. The situation in Syria is not very different from WW2 because the war between the Syrian national army, and rebel forces is not just limited to them, it involves USA, Russia, China and European countries, wherein the Syrian national army is being supported by Russia and China, and the rebel forces are being strengthened by USA and european countries.

In this moment of crisis and despair, when the people of Syria have lost all hope, perhaps it is time to introduce the Vigilante Justice.

Before we talk about how Vigilante Justice is going to help people, we must at first talk about the character of Vigilante. Who is this vigilante that we are talking about?
A vigilante would be the person who may or may not have superhuman abilities, but what he must have is the power to discern what is required to be done and must have an unwavering courage in doing it, whatever the personal cost.

The vigilante must have a good moral core, and a strong sense of Justice. A strong sense of justice here means that he must not confuse justice with vengeance. Moreover, he must be a rational being and must have the ability to make the best rational decisions.

Such a vigilante will not only protect the people of Syria, but also instill a sense of hope in them. He will show them that despite all of the darkness, the light is just around the corner. He will become the harbinger of Justice for the people whose own government denied them any justice.  
He will become the beacon of hope that Syria and this world desperately need.


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Re: THW introduce vigilante justice

Post by Abhiz on Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:55 am

Talking about World War 2, if you really catch the origins of the war, you could narrow it down to one person, Adolf Hitler. But who was he?

Germany, a country that drained all of its coal feeding the war, was in a critical condition. The government fooled the German people into believing that they were going to win the war. So, it was obvious that the outcome of war felt like a stab in the back of those people who had given their all, believing in the Government's methodology. Germany was trapped in a long deep ditch of unemployment, starvation,and consequently people were unable to provide safety to their children, unable to ensure that their sons and daughters didn't sleep with an empty, aching stomach.

In the moment of this suffocating crisis and despair, a Vigilante came to the picture. A person, whom the German people believed to provide them Justice and Security. Someone who could give them peace from oppression of the Satanic Government. He gave them a shelter from the rain of blood, under which they could liberally flourish their mental freedom without any fear. And he was not a Superman, but more like Batman of the dark Germany. He was the 'Adolf Hitler'.
Even when Germany was in a terrible condition, he believed that it could be the strongest power, and the German class to be the mightiest, and they established their faith him as well.
They accepted him as the vigilante, or to say, A God. They believed in his ways of doing justice. Until the end of World war 2, Germany was happy. Many didnt know or ignored, the degree of genocide caused by him, for they didnt care, as long as they gained prosperity. Apart from killing over half a billion people, he was also responsible for killing millions of German's Jew, for he believed them not to be pure. He not only did tear apart so many countries in WW2, but Germany as well. But the German people were happy, they didnt care for his methods, as long as he provided justice to THEM.
It is evident that if you give anyone the power above human race and the freedom to use it, mass destruction is highly probable to follow.

Syria is a very sensitive religious country. The majority of its Muslims are Sunni, and 5-10% of them are Shia. The two separate classes of Muslims do not share the same belief with respect to the Messengers of their common God, Allah. Syria is deprived of the basic resources like, clean water, food, safety. A condition much similar to Germany post 1918. Yet the proposition suggests to introduce a Vigilante. I guess he slept during his history lessons.

A vigilante is merely a self-righteous person, who wishes to pick out some matters that he finds amusing, and executes a solution, with or without the proper understanding of the problem. He claims to provide justice to the people. BUt what is justice to the common people?
Yeah, Justice is fairness.
But, Justice has different meanings for different people. So, from the view of naive people, justice is just a form of judgement where they attain profit. And as mathematics suggest, profit for one can only be achieved by loss of the other. So, the kind of justice this Vigilante suggests to them is a bit harsh to their sentiments. But to still deliver it, he needs to be able to make the people believe in such a concept of justice where they may lose. Clearly, it requires the people to have faith in one authority or person whose power is pure and absolute which the concept of vigilantism doesn't provide. Unless he's a modern Hitler, which would be a bigger problem.

The concept having an unspecified measure of law and order, causes dissatisfaction of the people, and their disbelief in the judgement of the vigilante when forced loss onto them. It would cause them to revolt, accusing the vigilante to be socially biased, subsequently resulting in an even more degraded turmoil, where the families and communities would turn against each other and, Syria would witness even more blood-shed, lives lost, families destroyed.

Furthermore, a serious doubt upon the how far the Vigilante, who represents a community, can be Rational arises due to our historical understanding.
History has proven that communities tend to have certain faith, that may be illogical in truth, but rational to them. Like the rationality of Whites in 19th and 20th century when they framed non- slave blacks, as criminals, murderers, rapers and thieves, and they believed with all their rationality that being black is equivalent to a crime. The vigilante mob hunted blacks, skinned them alive, cut their toes, their privates and then burn them alive. Mind you! it was rational for them to do this to provide safety to their families and to their own definition of Justice.

Not only it is undefined and improper, but also it has a great potential to give rise to a disaster which provides all the more reason why the country can not entertain it.
You can not eliminate a crisis by creating one. Hence in Syria, Vigilante justice must not be introduced.


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